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Rockin' Mouscron

Guess who's gracing the cover of Jean-noel Coghe's new book? My grandfather!

He kickstarted his music career by organizing concerts with soon-to-be famous rock'n'roll bands at our family business, Twenty Club, in Mouscron. He even scored Jimi Hendrix and other talented acts for our small town.

Jean-Noel lived in this era, got the chance to meet these artists through my grandpa, and wrote a book about the club, my grandfather, and rock'n'roll in Mouscron. Can't wait to dive in! It's surreal and I'm bursting with pride!

Synopsis of the Book:

From the Marquee Club in London, Golf Drouot in Paris, to the Star Club in Hamburg, and the illustrious Twenty Club in Mouscron – every location has a tale to tell. Originally known as the Relais de la Poste dance hall, the Twenty Club transformed into a legendary hotspot in the sixties, all thanks to Jean Vanloo. After the sensational performance of Gene Vincent, Vanloo introduced the venue to a stellar line-up: The Animals, Small Faces, Kinks, Moody Blues, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, and the Yardbirds featuring Jimmy Page, to name a few. Dive into the music, magic, and memories of an era gone by.


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